I took the opportunity to participate in Amber Rose's 2017 Slut Walk and created this piece. Nigeria just passed a bill in 2015 that "widened" the scope of what was considered rape. Prior, a woman could be gang raped, sodomized, you name it and it wasn't considered rape. Marital rape? Doesn't matter. Rape was only acknowledged as penetration of a vagina by a penis. I rejoiced but wept at the fact this this bill was just passed TWO YEARS AGO. I created this piece to start a conversation. To make us ALL AWARE. An attack on one pussy is an attack on all kitty kats. The government. The church. NO ONE has the right to your body. Let's not be afraid to hear the cries of sisters overseas🇳🇬🌹As a Nigerian woman, I would like to offer her as a symbol of unity, peace and civil unrest until all my sisters are treated fair and equally. #SorryNotEnough 
I want to encourage people to not just like this piece but comment on it and the issue it represents. The first step in addressing a crisis is discussing it openly. Although this law was passed, the rape culture in Nigeria is still present. We can’t expect the law to preserve our rights. We must do that ourselves, together.
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