Nneka Gigi is a visual artist based in Los Angeles. Nneka uses various mediums including painting, cut and sew and graphic design to curate her product line of the same name. 
The brand is heavily influenced by the colorways of the 90s, the whimsical nature of Japanese street fashion, the oversized/ layered look found in London streetwear and most importantly from her  own culture as a Nigerian woman.
In addition to her creative efforts, Nneka is currently pursuing her Ph.D. and actively contributing to global conversations regarding black elementary education and popular culture. 
My Gospel:
"My job is to somehow make them curious enough, or persuade them, by hook or crook, to get more aware of themselves...and where they came from..and what is already there, and to just to bring it out. This is what COMPELS ME to COMPEL THEM...and I will do it by whatever means necessary." - Nina
Current Read: The Alchemist