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When I first posted my hairstyle in the Houston Facebook group on Sunday, May 18th, I didn’t expect the backlash that I revived but I was grateful for the support that came soon after. What some fail to realize is that I have no issues with people not liking my Art Braids but I do have a problem when people that look like me try to use me being African/ Nigerian as a diss. The old feud between Africans and US Blacks is tired. We can ascend quicker if we learn to have respect for one another and our differences. Nobody likes a “yes man” so no, you don’t have to say you love my hair when you think it really looks like a funky Christmas tree but can we at least learn to be a tad bit more respectful? I love Black women too unapologetically to want to wreck with you over how I choose to adorn my head. The bias and racism in our community is alive and well but thankfully the narrative is shifting but until then and even after, stay African AF and Proud AF tribe!  

**The symbol on the back is a recreation of an ancient Nsibidi symbol.**

Nsibidi is a system of symbols indigenous to what is now southeastern Nigeria that are apparently pictograms, though there have been suggestions that some are logograms or syllabograms.


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