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Protect Black Woman T Shirt

by CustomCat

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Protect Black Woman T Shirt

by CustomCat

Regular price$40.00 Sale price
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Black Women are the birthplace of life, civilization and all things ethereal. Yet, we are the most disrespected, disregarded and devalued human beings on this planet.

I am spiritually spent from learning of the  atrocities committed by monsters and men, like J Marion Sims and Aaron Glee Jr.. 

I have had enough of Black women being discarded by men who do not stand up and protect Black women.

Ladies and all allies alike, as we rise up in protest and action for yet another slain brother, George Floyd, lets not remember that it has been open season on the Black woman since we were brought here involuntarily.

After hearing the grim details of Oluwatoyin Salau murder, my spirit hurt beyond belief and I had to figure out someway to commemorate and make sense of my feelings.

As a Black woman, I am urge our Black men and allies to protect us by any means.

On another note, I recall experiences in which I’ve watched Black men, as well as men from other races, stand by while a Black woman was in need of some sort of assistance. Growing up around the way, I felt as though those who were deemed pretty or attractive were often spoken up for as opposed to girls/ women who weren’t by their personal or societal standards. It could be something as simple as needing someone to push a car that won’t start, someone harassing you or simply a woman dropping her books/papers all over the ground. 

I just want all Black women to be respected and protected during all times of distress. 

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