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Tanavoho Gems (Earrings x Pins)

by Nneka Gigi

Regular price$175.00 Sale price

Tanavoho Gems (Earrings x Pins)

by Nneka Gigi

Regular price$175.00 Sale price
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🇲🇬Tanavoho, is a female hairstyle, which was the common style for the single Sakalava woman.

Each piece was created in collaboration with a very talented Black sculptor using clay in the likeness of one of my favorite West African braid styles. Other materials used are fringe, beads, cowries and more.

✋🏿 You can choose to order these one of a kind pieces as:


Pins (for your favorite dad cap or denim jacket)


🛑 When checking out, please leave me a note under “Special instructors for seller” indicating if you’d like your custom pieces as earrings, pins or magnets and enjoy FREE SHIPPING🛑

As a thank you for your support, the FIRST 5 purchases will come with a free pair of earrings and a few more additional surprises. EACH ORDER, will be accompanied by a custom geode box crafted from wood.


The Sakalava are an ethnic group of the country-island of Madagascar. 

Madagascar was settled 1200 years ago by approximately 30 women, mostly of Indonesian descent. [Read that again]. .

Black hair is a cultural asset that has changed in meaning, style and design as globalization, colonialism, media, personal preference, career goals, and more took precedence over maintaining ones hair-itage. 

Black hair is inextricably tied to our mental, spiritual, and physical health. Black women have always and will always be the backbones of our communities. Yes, we find strength in music, song, dance, and protest but we cannot ignore how strengthening the attitudes and behaviors surrounding our hair styling, design and hair-itage prepares us for the continued political, economic and spiritual warfare that is ahead. .

It is through my hair that I first began to have a greater love of self, mental tenacity and appreciation for my global Black family at large. So much trauma has been endured through Black bodies AND hair. Understanding that trauma and taking back power in contemporary styling choices helps me communicate and re-negotiate my narrative today and forever going forward. .

Take care of your Crown and you’ll better serve yourself and your community. Period. 


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